Full day

A full day tour to experience the thrill of sailing. With departures from Olbia, Golfo Aranci or Pittulongu beach we will sail along the the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara Island and Cape Coda Cavallo.


Week End

Want to escape from reality? Sailing is the best way to do it, especially when you have the chance to spend few nights on board! We can set sail to the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara Island and Cape Coda Cavallo for a weekend of total relax.

Più giorni

3 or more Sailing Days

This is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with nature, the sea and her key elements for a sailing holiday full of relaxation and adventure. A personalised itinerary will allow you to fully exploit your vacation days visiting the enchanted, hidden and sometimes still wild places of the north-east area of Sardinia.

Sailing Week

A whole sailing week full of sun, fun, nature, relax, tasty food and good wine. A little new world with a stretch of sea to enjoy in exclusive. Come onboard to experience the thrill of a sailor’s life with all the comforts of an adventure designed especially for you.

Sailing is the best way to enjoy the sea

Sailing is the best way to enjoy the sea and to loosen up to the nature’s rhythms, listening to the wind and wave’s sound. You will be welcomed by enchanting bays and spots of rare beauty and you will feel you can stop the time, to enjoy the most
exclusive relaxing moments.
Every place we visit will be a fascinating discovery and an unforgettable experience, a chest of natural and cultural treasures to be explored, each one able to elicit unique emotions, made to last for the duration of the holiday or for a lifetime.
We will be happy to discreetly cuddle you during the holiday you have always dreamt about, with a smooth but secure gait, perfect for those at their first sailing experience, in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

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Day Sail

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